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ID: 8997
available under negotiation sold
status: available

Bora Bora Motu

EUR 1,500,000 - no buyer's commission 

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location-/special feature:
residential property:
- country house
location characteristics:
- waterfront property
- close to harbour
- property on island
- aquatic sport area
special feature:
- jetty/pier
High End Waterfront Property
A Slice of Paradise


location: (S: 16 45 44 55 W: 151 77 02 07) 700 meters from Hotel Intercontinental on one of the small islands surrounding Bora Bora Island.
description: Spacious 6-bedroom house on a 4.5-acre property cutting through the island facing the Lagoon and the Ocean with beaches on both sides. High palm trees leaning over the beach render a perfect tropical setting. Sometimes you can have it all.
diverse: Beaches, beaches, beaches.

  • the nearest airport is Bora Bora at a distance of 1 km.


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size: 1.8527 hectares (equivalent to 4.58 acres, 0.02 km2 or 3 soccer fields).
region: French Polynesia, Bora Bora, Society Islands.

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