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ID: 7
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status: sold

Admirals Beach

AUD 450,000 - commission: 6.25 % 

picture show   Admirals Beach - Australia

location-/special feature:
commercial property:
- beachfront property
location characteristics:
- aquatic sport area
- ocean coastal area
Two beachfront properties


location: (S: 39 94 88 49 O: 143 85 98 51) Two beachfront properties at Admiral Beach on King Island, Tasmania, Australia.
description: The offer comprises two lots; the half-moon shaped lot 1 and the private peninsula lot 2. Altogether, the properties total 9.797 sqm. They are located at the northern end of the 1.5 km long British Admiral Beach - at a distance of only 2 km from the island‘s capital Currie. Due to the close proximity to the town, the lots lend themselves to tourist development. Lot 1: The 5,713 sqm beach front property comprises more than the half of the horse shoe-shaped Bay, and provides about 154 m of beach. Lot 2:The private peninsula is suited for a secluded retreat. On its 4,084 sqm, the peninsula features 234 m water front with intersparsed patches of sand.
diverse: King Island is as large as Ibiza and the the climate is similar to New England. The Island is under the jurisdiction of Tasmania (main island) which is separated by the 240 km stretch of Bass Strait from the mainland Australia. King Island is an island of long, empty beaches and clean, of offshore reefs, rocky coasts, lighthouses and shipwrecks and very good wine and cheese. The largest town on the island is Currie, which provides all services including an airport. There are scheduled flights from Melbourne to Currie (50-minutes flight time).

  • the nearest airport is Currie at a distance of 2 km.
  • the nearest airstrip is Currie at a distance of 2 km.
  • the nearest hospital is Currie at a distance of 2 km.
  • the nearest marina is Currie at a distance of 2 km.
  • the nearest shop is Currie at a distance of 2 km.


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size: 9797 m2 (equivalent to 0.9797 hectares or 2.42 acres).
region: Australia, Tasmanien, King Island, Currie.

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