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Puercos Island

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picture show   Puercos Island - Panama

location-/special feature:
residential property:
- private island
commercial property:
- private island
location characteristics:
- aquatic sport area
- private island
Island within the Pearl Island Archipelago


location: (N: 8 36 50 41 W: 78 80 76 00) Puerco is a mountainous island situated about one mile east of Isla del Rey, the largest island within the Pearl Island Archipelago.
description: The seller has informed us that the island has not been surveyed. However, from the available topographical map the island appears to have an area of about 100 hectares. In the property register of panama the island is listed with an area of 102 hectares. The island’s highest elevation is 106 meter (approx. 348 ft.). The island is covered with mature trees and has about ten sandy beaches, as shown on the aerial photographs taken by us. The resort island of Contadora is about 25 miles north of Puerco island. The next paved airstrip (length: 3,937 ft/ 1.2 km) is on the southern tip of Isla del Rey. Panama is known as an area with almost none or neglectable tectonic activities - one of the reasons the country has had been chosen for the construction of the Panama Canal.


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size: 100.37 hectares (equivalent to 247.91 acres, 1.00 km2 or 141 soccer fields).
region: Panama.

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