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EUR 6,900,000 - no buyer's commission 

picture show   Oxia - Greece

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residential property:
- private island
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- private island
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Private Ionian Island


location: (N: 38 24 00 O: 20 42 00 ) Oxia is part of the Ionian Islands, an archipelago which comprises islands like Skorpios (Onassis family), Ithaki - home of Odysseus - and Keffalonia. These islands are highly frequented tourist destinations due to the mild Mediterranean climate, stunning landscape and cultural background. The nearest Ionian Island is Ithaki (approx. 25 miles/40 km sea way. Glyka can be reached by flights to various airports and subsequent boat trip. The most convenient airports are Keffalonia (on Keffalonia island) and the Patras/Araxos airport (near Patras on the Peloponnese). Keffalonia airport is served by Greek airlines twice a day at least.
description: Oxia is definitely one of the best Greek private islands available on the market. The 500-hectare island boasts clear waters, lush grounds and three large natural harbours. Oxia spans across 6 km at its widest point. On its 500 hectares, this beauty persuades with dense pine groves, a craggy rough coastline with three large covered bays that form ideal natural harbours. The northern part of the island is mountainous with elevations up to 421 metres (1380 ft) whereas the terrain is sloping down to the South showing rich vegetation (bush, pine trees The surrounding waters host plenty of fish. Local fishermen have built bow nets in the large bays which can easily be removed or utilized for future supply. The Island is uninhabited and undeveloped except a derelict, but picturesque light house.

  • the nearest hospital is Sámi at a distance of 42 km.
  • the nearest marina is Sámi at a distance of 42 km.
  • the nearest shop is Sámi at a distance of 42 km.


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size: 500 hectares (equivalent to 1235.00 acres, 5.00 km2 or 700 soccer fields).
region: Greece.

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