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Tuamotu Atoll

EUR 18,000,000 - no buyer's commission 

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- private island


location: Tuamotu is a small atoll of the eastern Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia. It is located 55 km SSE of Paraoa Atoll and 120 km WSW of Vairaatea.
description: The Atoll has the shape of a circular coral ring, resting on top of a deeply submerged volcanic surface. The ground culminates three meters above sea level, which is common to all the atolls in this part of the world. It forms along strand of approximately 26 kilometers in lenght, for a width of 250-300 meters, sometimes more. At the center, the ring houses the lagoon, creating a small sea connected to the ocean via two or three channels.

- Diameter of the atoll: Maximum 5,7 km, Minimum 5km
- Diameter of the lagoon: Maximum 5,1 km, Minimum 3,7 km
- Circumference of the oceanic beach: approx. 26 km
- Circumference of the lagoon beach: approx. 17 km
- Width of emerged grouds and beaches: 300 to 350 meters
- Surfaces of the grounds and beaches: approx. 500 ha
- Surface of the lagoon: approx. 1700 ha
- Total surface of the atoll: approx. 2200 ha
- Average depth of the lagoon: approx. 35 meters
- Possibility to make a landing strip.


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size: 2200 hectares (equivalent to 5434.00 acres, 22.00 km2 or 3080 soccer fields).
region: French Polynesia.

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